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*** Off to Playschool ***

Yay! finally this boy started his playschool . 14.01.2021 his first official school day. After 6+ months of homeschooling we are set to learn in a play environment with other class mates. However, we will continue to do our activities & home learning but the feeling of your child starting with his first playschool experience… Continue reading *** Off to Playschool ***

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*** Kite Flying lessons ***

Some snippets from his kite flying experience. I love how he’s grown up every year from tearing apart the kites to just posing with them to holding the manjha & now also trying to fly his own kite. Now a day’s kite flying isn’t much encouraged in the city due to many reasons. I am… Continue reading *** Kite Flying lessons ***

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*** Pause & Reflect ***

As a parent & a blogger, I keep seeing lot of stuff on social media where mom’s proudly share their child’s achievements in forms of videos & stories. No doubt it can be inspiring & praise worthy but at the same time it might be creating a peer pressure on other mom’s. This post is… Continue reading *** Pause & Reflect ***

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***Grow through your Journey ***

This year being my most productive year on this page/blog would like to share what helped me stay patient & grow steadily in this journey. 👉 Experiment with your content – This will give you an idea which kind of post are more liked or saved. Sometimes it’s due to good pictures/videos sometimes good content… Continue reading ***Grow through your Journey ***

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*** Toddler Book Haul ***

Most of our books are hands down from his cousins but sometimes we are done reading them that’s when I feel to buy other books. Our recent visit  @booksbyweight we got our hands on some amazing new books. They keep hosting exhibitions of new & pre-loved books over the city. My picks are very simple… Continue reading *** Toddler Book Haul ***

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*** DIY Toddler Busyboard – II ***

We made our first diy Busyboard when he was around 15 months which had music, lights, mirror, indian latches, spinner, ball hammer, ribbons etc. Since now he’s outgrown most of those things, I decided to update his board as per his growing needs which would help develop his Pre-writing & Cognitive skills. Let me take… Continue reading *** DIY Toddler Busyboard – II ***

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*** Merry things to do over Christmas ***

The most joyful of all the festivals & the most enjoyed among all kids is Christmas. Sharing few things to do over christmas with your kids & family – ☃️ Family Bonding – From the time you begin to think about christmas is all about bonding with your kids & family over different activities, decor,… Continue reading *** Merry things to do over Christmas ***

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*** Easy Christmas Activities ***

Ho ho ho… Holaa since this month has started we have been upto doing some or the other activities related to christmas so I thought why not put them together for you guys. Sharing some of the various activities:- 🎄 Popsicle + Pipecleaner X’mas Tree – Very basic & simply diy stick the popsicle sticks… Continue reading *** Easy Christmas Activities ***

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*** Importance of Sensory Play ***

Sensory play is an important part of early childhood development. Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a young child’s senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing, as well as anything which engages movement and balance. It encourages children to explore and investigate helping their brain to create stronger connections to sensory information and… Continue reading *** Importance of Sensory Play ***

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*** Instilling Lifeskills in Toddlers ***

Gone are the times when childhood was all about pampering & spoonfeeding them until they turn certain age. Times have changed with more educated & involved parents. First of all teaching Lifeskills means you’re taking a step towards gender neutral parenting. You unlearn to discriminate chores basis gender. Lifeskills teach you the way of life… Continue reading *** Instilling Lifeskills in Toddlers ***