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*** Homeschooling Approach in India ***

My previous two post where about ‘How to Start Homeschooling’ & ‘Homeschooling Checklist’ today, I am going to speak about the approach. Sharing information that I had to research and have tried to put the information in a simpler format. If you haven’t checked my previous two post on home-schooling do it now and follow… Continue reading *** Homeschooling Approach in India ***

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*** Homeschooling Checklist ***

Sharing few of the things that might help your Homeschooling function smoothly with toddlers. Nothing fancy but all the regular things that are there around us or can be easily sourced. Sharing most of things that we personally have and are super useful to keep my toddler engage and learning at the same time. Top… Continue reading *** Homeschooling Checklist ***

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*** How can you Start Homeschooling ***

The pandemic has sure let me the confidence to homeschool my two year old. We got two options from his playschool to either take a drop & get 90% Fees refund Or Start with online schooling. We choose to take a drop because at two years of age i can’t expect him to sit at… Continue reading *** How can you Start Homeschooling ***

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*** Enjoy the Process ***

Fitness is no less than any process that includes lots of learnings, improving, practising & most importantly making it a way of life. Tracing my fitness journey that started 8years ago it’s been a roller coaster ride until now. There was a time I use to rush to gym after my office and sweat it… Continue reading *** Enjoy the Process ***

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***Endure your Post – Exercise Soreness ***

It’s been three days, I started with home workout  and taking it slow but my legs(thighs) are sore and in pain due to the lunges & squats that I dared to do yesterday. This is called post exercise soreness it usually peaks  48 -72 hours after exercise. The body is in process to repair the… Continue reading ***Endure your Post – Exercise Soreness ***

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*** Self Care Body – Mind – Soul 2.0 ***

A little self care never hurts but to find that time for yourself might not be easy after becoming a mom. Specially in these times when you’re already loaded with enough on your plate. The way this body has transformed over the past two years is magical in itself. Without any exclusive workouts, yoga or… Continue reading *** Self Care Body – Mind – Soul 2.0 ***

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*** Self Love & Abundance ***

Incase you need some positive self love affirmations today. Here are few things, I believe can help you feel good about yourself no matter what the situation.. ✨ Believe in yourself..✨ Follow your own set of values..✨ Learn from your experiences..✨ Accept your mistakes..✨ Keep learning & adapting..✨ Be kind to yourself..✨ Do what makes… Continue reading *** Self Love & Abundance ***

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*** Benefits of Using Pre-loved Stuff ***

This was yesterday night that my boys discovered to have fun under the mat. Look at his naughty self enjoying and goofing inside the mat. The simplest of joys are always found around us we just need to look for it. This boy who never gives me any pose for photos sat excitedly to pose… Continue reading *** Benefits of Using Pre-loved Stuff ***

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*** Indo-Fusion Look for the day ***

Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of each step you take towards reaching that goal. Allow yourself small victories. Don’t deny giving yourself credit for accomplishing something, no matter how insignificant it might seem at that time. First shoot with short hair had to be special what… Continue reading *** Indo-Fusion Look for the day ***


*** Ashaadi Beej (Kutchi New Year) ***

We the Kutchi people celebrate our Kutchi New Year on Ashadi Beej. It is the 2nd day of Shukla paksha of Aashaadha month of Hindu calendar (June – July). Sharing Some of the facts on this day- ⛈️This Hindu New Year is observed in the Kutch region in Gujarat. ⛈️Ashadi Beej is mostly a traditional… Continue reading *** Ashaadi Beej (Kutchi New Year) ***