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*** Little Wanderer ***

Today we had a good walk of about 30-45mins with the mask on which may be a milestone in Covid times (atleast for him). All he did was chase cats & dogs and kept talking to them. Looked up towards sky to hear the birds chirping and sun sneaking through the trees. Also this was… Continue reading *** Little Wanderer ***

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*** Are you a diversified Spiritual Parent??? ***

For me the answer to above question would be yes and it’s more of a belief system that you cultivate over the years. Since we live in country which is a blend of many beautiful cultures it is bound to happen that we start praying and celebrating various festivals irrespective of your born religion. So… Continue reading *** Are you a diversified Spiritual Parent??? ***

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*** Tirchi Topi Wale ***

Not everyday we go down for a walk but when we do this boy makes sure to choose what he wants to wear. No wonder the tirchi topi that he kept all the time intact. People have fussy eaters & I have a fussy cloth picker if that is any term… 🤣 Showing colours of… Continue reading *** Tirchi Topi Wale ***

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*** Rasode mein Kaun tha??? ***

Definitely the epic meme song of 2020. His love for kitchen tools & cooking is not new. Infact, I love when he shows interest in kitchen activities from this young age. His curiousness to observe and try kitchen tools always surprises me. So on weekend he had a great time in observing and trying his… Continue reading *** Rasode mein Kaun tha??? ***

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*** Hold On Mommies ***

From being into a complete mess to completely rocking the mess. It seems not all mom’s earn in Money,Some rejoice their earnings in Kind. Momming could be the weirdest Job,But it does bring out the best of You. Taking care of your child is Impeccable,While your health is also much Valuable. You don’t really need… Continue reading *** Hold On Mommies ***

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*** Once a teacher always a teacher ***

No wonder in childhood my favourite pretend play use to be teacher teacher… And see how it played a major role in my teenage years & still gives me a feeling of being one. Reminiscing when my days would start with a college later full time job and end with taking part time tutions. This… Continue reading *** Once a teacher always a teacher ***

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*** Happy Independence Day ***

I have been talking and showing him the Indian flag from few days. Then, I thought by making one he shall connect more to what I am saying him. We really did a very simple activity to make Toddler version of flag. Materials :-1. Marble paper2. Felt sheet3. Fevicol I had few felt sheets and… Continue reading *** Happy Independence Day ***

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*** Coloured Rice Sensory Play ***

#littleborntales_activities This activity was suggested by @kaizen_learning perfect for a 2yr old to explore and have fun. Though we did some variations and played up in few other ways too. Watch the videos to see all kinds of play we did with rice sensory play. Also sharing some benefits of Rice Sensory Play:- 1. Encourages… Continue reading *** Coloured Rice Sensory Play ***

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*** Happy Janmashtami ***

As per my instinct, I knew this boy wouldn’t let me get him dressed up and same happened finally settled for this kurta pyjama. A phase where he’s becoming more stubborn & choosy for things you gotta deal with it. Since, we can’t take our kids out yet we thought we can make a small… Continue reading *** Happy Janmashtami ***