First Trek ~ Peb fort Matheran

​First trek ~ Peb Fort Matheran
After my exams ended, I wanted to do something exciting and adventurous in life; trekking was the only thing came in mind which was in my list since last 5 years. Finally I took a decision and started off with a trek for beginners to Peb fort via Matheran.

25th June 2016, Me & My friends joined Canvas N Chrome to start our journey towards nature for the first time. Monsoon is the best climate to trek and enjoy the nature at its best. We started the trek around 9:30 am and the climate was so pleasant and cool. Just as we started to walk through tracks of toy train in matheran we came across creatures like frogs, crabs, birds humming around etc.

The tracks took about 15-20 mins of straight walking after that we started walking in mountains with literally only space to keep our two feet carefully. Eventually we dint realise that we were walking fearlessly as we were mesmerized with the nature getting more beautiful from wherever we could see.

As we looked behind we couldn’t believe we had walked through those small lines on the mountains. Soon we were surrounded by the clouds on the sides of mountains and the walk was getting steeper with big staircases in zig zag forms curving down and also ladders to climb up and down both ways to reach other side of the mountain.

There came the moment when we had to crossover from the Matheran mountain to Peb mountain with no support on sides, no rocks, no walls besides us. It was the climax of our trek and the most beautiful path of our trek too as both the sides had different climate, one side it was cloudy and raining; other side it was pleasant and calm.

We successfully came to peb mountain on our own and started walking through the route with our team. There came rock climbing which needs lot of Strength and willpower to pull yourself to the best you can. Some of the team members were regular trekkers while some were first timers like us. Our group leader Rohit Nayak lead the trek throughout  sharing his experiences and knowledge of the place and animals/birds/insects of the place and also telling us Story/History of the place.

Soon we climbed up to peb fort at the top and had some snacks and rested for 5 10 mins after that it started raining heavily we walked to a cave downside where we could have our lunch but again going to cave was not at all easy,  the route will make u think ohh shit how will i reach there; but in few minutes we were doing it on our own. All this was possible with the teamwork we did and helping each other at each moment of difficulty.

Reaching the cave, we had our lunch by 1 pm and rested for sometime. Now we had to start our return journey and it started raining so heavily we all were fully drenched and were feeling cold, legs paining,  and with bags on the back getting heavier in this situation. . . only our willpower, endurance, patience and determination made us overcome the storm we faced while returning back.

The way ahead was fully cloudy and raining heavily we couldn’t see whats next but the only thing which dint stop us is the path wherever we were walking was clear and we could move carefully. On the return journey we saw many small waterfalls and also enjoyed the same. Successfully we completed our first trek by 4:30 pm.

In all we experienced climbing, ladders, rock climbing, heavy rains and above all our inner strengths our willpower to overcome our limits.

I managed to click some of the natures best sceneries and short videos of this beautiful adventurous trek. Hope my readers enjoy them too.

Happy Trekker.

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