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Baby Bump Ahead !

Every pregnancy is different with it’s own Bliss and hardships. Here’s sharing brief experience of my baby bump ahead.

It has been an amazing feeling all together. Only time in my life I was happy to put on weight month on month just to flaunt it as beautiful bump.

From the start of my pregnancy, I have been reading a lot of articles online & listening to lot of people’s experience about pregnancy, labour, babies etc.

Many will keep giving you advises on food, rituals, customs etc. Keep calm and follow what you believe in and be happy rest shall be taken care.

Other way, I kept trying to gather as much knowledge i could to be prepared for the reality.

Already as a active working women, I hardly got time for myself to join any yoga or recreational classes in my pregnancy days.

Hence, all I did was had good food, took good care of myself, listened to good music, lot of readings and proper rest.

As a new mom to be, I was eagerly waiting for my baby’s arrival anytime soon in start of June.

Like any first time mom my last few days were full of anxeity driven thoughts that how would i come to know it’s time for the labour/delivery. All things were ready my Hospital bag, baby essentials just to avoid any last minute hassle.

Finally, on Sixth of June i experienced one of the symptom’s of labour and immediatly we headed to Hospital for further check ups.
Happily delivered a healthy baby boy and was born as mother too !

Intially missed my baby bump alot wondering how a little baby was brewing inside and now it’s in my hands.

The after birth story shall continue in my next post.

Thanks for reading my post. 📖



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