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Baby Shower Theme

First pregnancy brings whole lot of surprises & excitement along the journey. Every first thing happens becomes a memory be it first sonography, listening to baby’s first heartbeat, seeing baby’s first movements inside the womb.

While baby was preparing inside to bring joys in our life’s outside. Mom to be & Dad to be were also super busy making it memorable for the little one by organizing baby shower.

So firstly, we decided the theme of baby shower as we din’t wanted typical pink or blue logic we decided on Stars & Moon theme.

Me & my husband both are on same wave length when it comes to take interest in something and making it happen.

All the creative research & hardwork payed off when it was a successful event and became memorable for everyone. So our every guest has a memory of my baby shower with them in form of personalized instant photo frames.

Creativity was implemented by @strawberry_jam_insta @ruchioncloud9 did wonderful job by executing the ideas that came out so well everything was beautiful in it’s own – the candy bar section, the backdrop on stage & photo corner, the entrance decorations, the props, games etc.

Baby shower is a very special & important for the mom to be as everyone is going to shower their blessings for the well being of the mother & the child. All the rituals done brings positive vibes and happiness to the mom to be.

All members in the family are also equally excited to get promoted in their roles when the little one arrives.

So all this rosy pictures had a lot of planning, research, discussions, debates, managing, coordinating and lot many small things to bring out this beautiful moments to life.

Sharing some precious memories from my baby shower.

Special thanks to all my family who gave their time, efforts in coordinating and also appreciating my thoughts.

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