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Last Few Days of Feeling Bumptiful

All this while a mom to be is happily carrying the baby bump with excitement and curiosity as she gets to know the development of her little one inside the womb as per her timely scans.

The excitement, anxiety and all sorts of mixed emotions starts ticking as now the blissful belly is about to pop out anytime soon as the due date is nearing.

Usually, in the nineth month nesting period starts for the mom’s to be as they start making arrangements for their baby’s arrival by buying clothes and other essentials. Some mom’s don’t prefer nesting and goes with the flow.

Everything is going to change in life for a while like you know your life is not gonna be anymore organized or as per your moods and wishes for the next few months.

Hence, last month usually women get stressed a little as now the reality is going to hit anytime soon and all your focus is on the symptom’s that your gynac has informed you about labour pains that keeps tricking consciously in your minds.

So the last month or the last 15 days is the time when you should keep your hospital bags ready.

Including your reports, doctor file, medicines etc are important as well.

A checklist always makes it easier to pack your things on time. Only keeping your hospital bags ready can save you so much of time to reach hospital on time.

Wherever u plan to deliver in a nursing home or a hospital always have a visit done before so that you come to know what they will be providing at the time of your stay.

This helps to keep your family members informed about the cost of stay, food,baby clothes etc.

Last but not the least, Always make a joint decision with your better half so that they are also as much involved and informed about the things that gonna take place after all they are the dad’s to be.

Happy Popping ! 🤰😉

Thanks for reading my post ! 📖

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