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How to be Prepared for Motherly Duties…

Things that you should be prepared to take charge after delivery :-

1️⃣ Exclusive Breast feed to the baby –

It doesn’t come easily so both mom & baby have to participate in this process to get the benefit of the purest form of food for newborn.

2️⃣ Observe Babies Behavior –

You have to just keep observing why is the baby crying, is he sleeping well, how many times does baby pees in a day, is he/she getting enough milk, any collic issues, what are the symptoms.

3️⃣ Ask questions –

You always have the right to ask questions being a mother to the doc, to oldies who advise home remedies. Keeping yourself informed about things you do or follow is always wiser.

4️⃣ Medicines to be given to baby –

Babies are prescribed some vitamins to be given for 6 – 12 months. There are different medicines as well for collic, earpain, fever etc understand the medicines well before giving them.

5️⃣ Diapering the baby –

Now a days there are diapers for newborn so if you are not comfortable to use langots you can use diapers as well. Keep changing diapers in time gap of 3-4 hours which will keep baby rashfree.

6️⃣ Swaddling the baby –

Intially it may seem difficult to swaddle the baby. You may always take help for that by time and practice you become pro in it.

Swaddling helps baby to feel the warmth, secureness as they use to feel inside the womb. It also helps to calm the fuziness in babies.

7️⃣ Maintain Hygiene –

Most important to maintain hygiene babies are very sensitive and so are more open to germs and infections. Hence always clean them properly after they pee, poop or vomit.

Keep the environment dust free. People around should also wash their hands before carrying the baby.

8️⃣ Sleeping pattern –

Babies sleep anytime they don’t understand day and nights. So mom’s be ready to sacrifice your sleep for some days or months until baby’s sleep pattern is set.

Day time keep windows open, let the light and normal sounds be there and at night dim all lights, play some white music, make the ambience silence and dull.

This will help them to differentiate day and night and slowly they will dwell into this routine.

9️⃣ Choose right clothes –

Babies skin is very delicate and so always pick clothes that are friendly and comfortable to them.

Never force clothes on them. Light and cotton clothes are more preferable for starting few months.

Used clothes are the best for newborns as they are already washed many times they become more soft.

1️⃣0️⃣ Talk with the Baby –

It is important you start talking to your baby from the first day itself. They know your touch, they have heard your voice, your heartbeats inside the womb.

So it’s easy for the baby to recognize your face soon. While feeding or playing you can talk about things you do with them, who are in your family, what are the things around.

This will help them recognize things faster and they shall start socially responding to everyone.

1️⃣1️⃣ Massage & Bath routine

Babies need massage as their bones and muscles are still developing. Massage helps to make them strong and help built baby’s body strength. Many baby massage oils are available please check which suits your baby well.

A warm water bath relaxes the baby and makes them sleep longer after the bath. Even before night sleep maintain a routine to sponge and give light massage that helps them feel fresh and sleep better.

1️⃣2️⃣ Baby Grooming –

Baby’s nails grow faster and so we need to trim that from time to time so that they don’t hurt anyone. You can use baby nail cutter or round ended scissors for trimming. Don’t use comb until their head is fully even. Keep checking their ear and nose for any blockage.

1️⃣3️⃣ Baby Vaccination/Immunization –

It is very important to give timely vaccines to babies to activate their immune system to fight against anti bodies or germs. There are pain or painless injections which are in trend right now.

Anyone can get their baby’s vaccines for free at local Govt agencies. Some prefer to get it from their pediatricians.

1️⃣4️⃣ Diaper bag –

A diaper bag has to be kept always handy if you have to run in emergency to doc. Things you can keep in your bag are 2 set of baby clothes, napkins, diapers, wet wipes, baby’s doc file.

1️⃣5️⃣ Manage your behavior –

You will be experiencing all sorts of postpartum feelings of being alone, irritated, anger, sleep deprived, fatigue, lots of eating, mess around, managing things, no rest, feeding difficulties etc.

It is not an easy job but it is definitely worth all the hardships that you experience in the start. That will act as your foundation for parenting. Slowly as you start adapting things you will soon be feeling happy about yourself.

Atlast happy mom’s raise happy kids.

Thanks for reading my post ! 📖

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