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Key to manage eating habits in pregnancy.

To enjoy pregnancy in a healthy way you need to watch your eating habits.

Eating clean is the key.

These are some eating habits you can follow while you are on a full-time job and want a healthy pregnancy through out without gaining much weight.

什Start your day with filling breakfast.

什Eat freshly home cooked food.

什Stay away from Junk.

什Drink lot of water/liquids.

什Add milk twice a day.

什Do not over eat.

什Don’t be hungry for long.

什Lunch & Dinner has to be in proper proportion.

什Have protein & iron rich foods.

什Have some snacks/fruits in every 2 hours.

什Always carry dry fruits in your bag.

什Some chocolates/snacks/ladoos while traveling.

什Try to eat less oily & spicy to avoid acidity.

什Observe which foods doesn’t suit your body.

什Restrict outside food other than for occasions you can’t avoid.

什Do satisfy your cravings.

Do let me know in comments what did you mommies follow for a healthy pregnancy. 什

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