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Co-parenting !

We both as individuals grew up handling babies around and now it’s our mutual responsibility towards our child.

Sharing parenting duties makes it less stressful. When father does some baby work it is noticed immediately why is he not suppose to do it or he broke any world record.

This mental thinking of people that only mother can look after the child is wrong.

Then they haven’t heard of penguin dad’s who also help in doing baby duties be it diapering, bathing, massaging etc.

Co-parenting is a way of upbringing a child in an environment where he/she can do any work Unbaised to his/her gender. For a chance he/she can learn cooking earlier, cleaning up house, using technology etc.

Here is my husband massaging Baby S when our masseur is on leave. No big deal in doing this right but it is creating a bond between a Father and a Son which is more important.

We team up so that both feel confidence in handling the baby while massaging & bath. A happy learning & bonding for three of us.

Hats off to all the penguin dad’s out there you are doing a great job and it’s never too late to start…

Love 💕

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