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Do’s And Don’ts of Pregnancy !

Since I have just been through this journey many of my friends who are planning or about to plan a baby wanted to know how to go about precautions & preventions for a Healthy Journey.

When you get to know about your pregnancy you are already excited with the news and immediately the thoughts of what next will be going in your head.

First pregnancy brings a lot of emotions together and to put them together or in order we just need to go with the flow.


✍️ Have a transparent relation with your gynac doc

☑️ Do’s –

Some prefer their age old doc while some will prefer new doc according to their convenience and comfort.

According to your family health history and sonography reports your doc will suggest the suitable things for you like medicines, bed rest, exercises, walk, diet, travelling etc.

Timely blood tests & scans to be done as per doc.

Be open to share your feelings with your doc.

Take a second opinion in case you are not satisfied with your doc’s advise.

Don’ts –

Don’t hide any disease or allergies etc.

Do not assume things in advance or in future.

Do not hide any information or any body symptoms from your doc.

Do not follow any fellow advise just because you felt so or same happened with someone earlier.

Do not skip your medicines at any cost.


✍️ Make up your Mind & Heart

☑️ Do’s

Continue doing what you are doing.

Do what makes you happy be it work, play, travel, food etc.

Start with some hobby be it painting, cooking new dishes, reading books etc.

Listen to music of your choice which will help in your mood swings.

Go out often have a small walk, fresh air, talk to friend’s, family etc.

Don’ts –

Don’t stop your routine work just because you need to take extra care of yourself.

Do not get over lazy to get yourself pampered enough.

Do not get over tired with work or travel.

Don’t try to carry or lift heavy objects.


✍️ Trimester diaries

☑️ Do’s

Observe baby movements from time to time.

Try to take your husband also for every sonography as first experience is always special.

Click your baby bump photos weekly/monthly to treasure it later.

If everything is normal then you can plan your travels safely till end of second trimester.

Get yourself pampered without any occasions because later it won’t be that easy.

Wear all types of clothes that you like and flaunt your cute bump.

Socialize as much you can with friends and family.

You can have photoshoots done if interested.


Don’t just be lying down from the start of Pregnancy.

Avoid much crowded places/train/bus etc.

Don’t loose your calm and focus on baby movements from time to time.

Avoid wearing high heels for safe walks.

Don’t wear skin tight clothes, allow your skin to breathe a little.

Don’t let others advise dishearten your feelings.

Don’t keep thinking about the labour day from the first day.


These are few points of wisdom for my friend’s enjoy this phase of life because life is going to change 360° and you should not be regretting it later.

I have covered Food Habits & Other activities during pregnancy in my earlier blogs do checkout.

Love 💕

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