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End of 4th Trimester !

I must say a rollercoaster trimester and still a long way to go.

Starting crucial three months of motherhood that brings along on demand breastfeeding, sleepless nights & days, excess eating, backaches, leg pains, postpatrum feelings, crying, irritation, anger, loneliness, depression, house ridden etc.

I trust it is not an easy task to adapt this new role it takes lot if courage, learning, experimenting, observing, practising and most importantly accepting yourself for the change it requires from you.

From the first day, I had forgotten what sleep was because consciously the baby’s cry is my first priority till date. We usually prepare ourselves for the rosy picture of baby’s arrival but forget to foresee the struggles we have to face alone.

Ofcourse my husband has been my biggest support till now and I am happy he does not escapes from his duties. He did sit at nights with baby in his arms for hours so that I could get some sleep. When I needed him the most he stood by me like a pillar of strength giving me empathy.

All I would like to conclude is all this struggles are worth when I hold this tiny human in my hands and he smiles back at me, talks to me, loves me, trusts me, holds me, hugs me, clings on me…

First experience is always the one from which you learn and grow.


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