Are you taking an Informed decision???

There are tons of things that come with baby that you need to get information on and get hands on like handling the baby, your post-natal care, breastfeeding, diapering, swaddling, deciding Baby’s pediatrician, learn about vaccines etc a never ending list you can say.

How do you collect information or form a your view on certain things –

1. Talk to someone who has just been through this phase with reality check.

2. Talk to pediatrician regarding baby’s care.

3. Google on the topic and try to research because no one is going to do that for you.

4. YouTube videos can help raise your awareness quotient and give you a clearer perception on that topic.

5. You need to believe and get convince before following any ritual or custom for you and baby.

6. Trust yourself and your beliefs that you are doing your best for the baby and taking informed decision.

7. Don’t get pressurized or get trapped into the world of superstitious & “log Kya khahenge” stigma.

8. It’s ok to make mistake’s and learn from them ofcourse you were not born with all the skills to nurture a child.

9. It’s a two way process so you also need to make baby get involved in every little thing you do with them be it diapering, feeding, bathing, playing etc. How else – talking, talking and talking.

10. The best thing you can do is attend a prenatal & postnatal workshops online/offline which will prepare you for the real life view after baby.

11. If you having any problem in breastfeeding or you feel there’s a latching issue do not hesitate to consult a lactation consultant they will guide you through it.

12. Ask for help around don’t burden yourself.

13. Be firm on your decisions because it’s very easy for people to attack emotionally.
In my view taking an informed decision is much wiser than following any tips & advices blindly.

P.s – Sharav is 3months old in this picture.

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