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Toys that shape your babies senses !

Generally after 3 months of age babies vision gets clear and they can view and notice things around them well.

The below toys are decent options that can be introduced to babies 0 – 1yr among so many other toys.

1. Rattles – In the early months babies senses are still developing. Rattles comes in many shapes, size & sound that interest the baby and they begin to enjoy playing with it.

2. Musical Cot Mobile – This is usually hung to baby’s cot while sleeping which plays soft/white music which soothes the baby and they may go to sleep easily.

3. Plush toys – Comes in vibrant colour and patterns that babies tend to drag the drawstring which enhances their grip & finger movements.

4. Soft toys – Usually comes in characters of teddy bear, animals, dolls that becomes a toy cum friend to your baby while they sleep or play giving them sense of someone close to them.

5. Musical toys – Battery operated moving musical toys with lights that attract the babies keep them wondering about the object. Make sure the sound & lights are not to loud for the baby.

6. Push & Pull along toys – Good to introduce when they start getting hold of things and helps them learn the cause and effect of actions after push or pull.

7. Activity box/ball/walker – Great way to keep them engage once they learn to sit or try to stand or walk. There are multiple options available with good sensory activities to stimulate their developing brains.

8. Balls – Great way to develop their finger pincer grasp. They learn to hold, press, throw, catch with balls of different colour, shape, size & textures.

9. Play gym – Babies love to play and try to reach the toys that hang or make sounds from the roof of the gym. Great for building their muscles and body movements.

10. Teether’s – Now a days teethers are more like a toy form with clips. Easy attachable to their clothes or pram which doesn’t allow them to fall on ground. Great to keep them busy while outings.

11. Play Mats – Vibrant and colourful Mat attracts a child to crawl and observe the things made on mat. Good for outdoor activities and provides safety while crawling, sitting & playing.

As the baby grows their choice of toys also grows with age. These were some of the options of infant toys that can help you choose a toy for your baby or gifting purpose.

I believe spending too much on toys is not wise at early age because they grow up so fast.

Wise way is to ask for outgrown toys from relatives for reuse, communicate your needs as gift or than use the gift received toys first than over buying toys for babies.

Some really long term reusable (0 – 2yr) toys are worth investing like activity sets, push & pull toys, play mats.

Above mentioned is based on my experience and not any expert advice.



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