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Suitable baby gears that should be on your list !

Baby gear equally plays a crucial role in baby’s physical & social developments. Listing down some practical suitable gear options for babies 0 – 2yrs old.

Options worth investing in for baby’s crucial growing years.

1. Swing/ Craddle – Very useful and comfortable for babies in the initial months. They feel cozy and warmth while sleeping in the Craddle. There are lot of varieties in the market you can buy as per your needs.

2. Carry Cot – Movable hand handled cot in which baby can sleep or play while outings. Great for parents to be handsfree while they are outdoor with the baby. Babies enjoy their space and can be rocked and slept in the cot.

3. Bath seat/ Baby Bather – Provides excellent support while bathing babies. Slip proof, adjustable backrest, foldable, washable and made as per baby’s comfort. Strictly to be used only under parent supervision.

4. Baby Carrier/ Baby Wearing – This helps to keep baby close skin to skin with anyone who wears the baby. Ideal for carrying baby anywhere and still being able to keep your hands free while the baby sleeps or plays in the carrier. The carrier should be egronomically designed as per Babies need.

5. Rockers – Alternate option for Craddle as it’s portable easily. Comes with vibration music & toys baby enjoys sleeping & playing in rockers. Can be adjusted as recliner or feeding baby seat as the babies grow.

6. Car seats – If you own a car and are frequent traveller this is a must for any child to ensure their safety and comfort. Check your safety needs before purchasing one.

7. Strollers/Prams – Very comfortable for the babies and parents both. Good option for daily walks, outings, holidays etc. Babies love to be in their own space then being uncomfortable in someone’s arms for long. There are light stroller’s also available for babies who can sit properly.

8. Walkers/Activity Walkers – Ideal for babies learning to walk or stand. Provides adjustable heights and correct support with comfort seat while they take their first steps. An activity walker is suitable when they learn to stand with support and can be used for long as walker cum push and play toy.

9. Booster seats/High chairs – Portable with safety belts and feeding tray. Inculcates the habit of having food at one place and enjoy the meal time. Also useful in setting early table manners in kids.

10. Potty training seats – Helps in transitioning them from diapers to good sanitary habits. Attracts the babies and provides comfort while potty training. Again comes in many varieties choose as per your need and choice.

11. Swing – An indoor swing that will keep the baby happy going for sometime. Check for all the safety measures before buying one the capacity it can carry, sturdy ropes, belts etc. You can obviously finish off some work or have tea/coffee while baby is occupied in swing.

12. Ride on car – Comes in form of tricycle, scooter, four wheeler with lot of designs and colours. Attractive enough with music babies love to ride in this cars. For babies who still can’t stand or walk don’t leave them alone.

Above mentioned gears are just to give you an idea of their usage and features. Do compare brands and their features before buying them.

Definitely they don’t come easy on pocket and hence try to find out if any relatives or friend’s might have preserved them and can lend you or wish to pass on to you.

And if you know it’s going to be useful in the family for long run don’t hesitate to invest in good products.

All in all this gears just help in making life a little easier and manageable for babies and parents.

Happy Parenting !



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