How Blogging Happened To Me…

This laugh was lost once and piles of emotional imbalance took place. It was getting hard but also difficult to talk, laugh, cry, share around.

Everyone seemed busy and I started over thinking, over reacting (thanks to my hormones) leaving me with more annexity and low on my self esteem.

Slowly, I was getting isolated and I also realised this needs to be stopped and I need to bounce back to my nature.

Burdened under the duties of a SAHM you are bound to feel monotonous. So many thoughts come while you start feeling worthless and there is nothing that you can do at the moment.

That’s when Instagram came into picture following some mom bloggers made me realize it’s not the end of life there’s more to it.

Blogging has given me wings I didn’t knew I had. Never took writing seriously until I let flow my thoughts freely and convert it creatively.

Most of my posts are instant and straight from the heart. Sometimes they are lyrical, straight forward, experienced, thoughtful, motivating, supporting and whatever my mind and heart is going through.

To all the mom’s who feel the same you are not alone. While you embrace motherhood don’t forget to love & care for yourself a little extra.



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