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Happy Nine months In & Out.

Between those curious days to know what’s growing inside to holding this curious boy outside… 🤷

Between those full time sleep nights to now endless sleepless nights… 🙍

Between getting pampered to pampering you… 💆

Between those Shiny days to that rough & bad days… 🙋

Between all those Happiness to all that meltdowns… 🤦

Between all those advices to that of a kind support… 🙆

Between those Mee time to Wee time… 💁

Between all the Rush of life to the Slow moving life… 🙎

Between Enjoying things to Setting back of things… 💇

Between Crying alone to laughing out loud with you… 🤣

Between Enjoying my meals to completely delaying my meals… 🍽️

Between those dressing up days to full time pyjama days… 👗

Between good hair days to messy hair buns… 🙆

Between Enjoying the mirror time to completely forgotten to look into the mirror… 🙅

Between getting Capture to Capturing you… 📸

Between adapting to the new role to rocking it with confidence… 💁

Between all these we grew together my son. 🤰👩‍👦

Happy Nine Months In & Out to us !


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