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My First Mother’s Day…

A life grew inside her not to bother,
Preparing her to be crowned as a ‘mother’.

Not sure what’s her way a girl or a boy,
Only to bring more happiness and joy.

It makes her uncomfortable at times,
Giving her reasons to have more limes.

It was almost the time for her labour,
Arrived an adorable baby in her favour.

Holding the tiny bundle in her arms,
Felt grateful for her baby and his charms.

They grew together in their role,
Bonding strong was their only goal.

Creating lots of memory each day,
Only to cherish it in a one fine way.

I feel so much obliged by this title,
To know that my presence is now vital.

She now learnt how it feels being a mother,
Not at all easy but also lot more to bother.

Happy Mother’s day!

(Dedicated to all new mom’s)



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