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Tribute to Maa…

Her skills are truly fine,
That aged just like wine.

She is tough at times,
Only to guide you fine.

Her beliefs are so powerful,
That creates anything colorful.

Her chores are never ending,
Only to pretend as ever pending.

She is called by so many names,
Maa is the only one she claims.

Her daughter’s were delighted to give birth,
Ready to nurture a life on this earth

Her pride to be a grandma has a hold,
Only wish to see her grandkids mould.

You may not know all her strengths,
Until you challenge all her wave lengths.

Her family grows in front of her everyday,
She guides them through the right pathway.

Having her around fills life with meaning,
Only to feel safe in her arms, i am leaning.

Shit happens she bares it all with her smile,
Only to face it bravely and slay in a while

Her dance moves are full of grace,
Need only a reason to get that praise.

She may not be happy at all the times,
Some hugs and care works that times.

Filling every gap she lost herself behind,
Only to cherish the moments those unwind.

She source’s our life with all her power,
Just to see everyone blossoms like a flower.

She is slogging everyday but will never rest,
Worrying for everyone to give their best

She looks beautiful in her wrinkles,
Leaving a spark in her eyes that twinkles

My sincere heartfelt tribute,
To showcase all that you contribute.

Love you Maa.

Happy Mother’s Day !



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