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My Birthing Story!

It was an early morning on a day of June Twenty eighteen,
When her water broke indicating baby’s arriving scene.

She was excited yet nervous why no pains made her feel curious,
Unplanned C-section delivery made her more furious.

Safe arrival of the baby was her major priority,
Ready to get tear apart to be a mother was her sole authority.

Lying in the OT she had some light talks with doctors along,
Bearing the anesthesia dose she held herself strong.

She could not feel her lower body anymore,
After few minutes she could hear her baby roar.

Trying to stay awake was her only goal,
Until she served the purpose of her body and soul.

She went unconscious for some duration,
For her body had undergone a major Operation.

Waking up finding herself alone in a recovery room,
She was waiting to unite with her little bub that just bloom.

Shifted to her room waiting to hold her little boy,
Wrapped in love a tiny baby came to give her that ultimate joy.

Still recovering from her anesthesia power,
She suddenly dozed off to reboot and feel empower.

Next morning she was fresh and in a better state,
Only to snuggle and rejoice her new playmate.

Later she felt her stitches that pained,
A life long mark on her body to know what she gained.

She could barely stand up and walk a little long,
But she gathered her courage to be more strong.

Daddy dearest came to shower all his love with pleasure,
And we clicked our first family picture that we could treasure.

There was a gleam of happiness on faces of family members,
Their heart warming blessings is only what she remembers.

My precious memories of birthing,
Hope, I made it sound interesting.



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