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How I Became a Blogger Mom…

If I could picture my life right now it would be something like this.

In one hand baby’s responsibilities and other hand doing things for myself.

If I had to confess about how’s life been or how’s it going now.

To confess last ten years were all about completing education, earning, work + study, Job + giving tution, taking up corporate job etc. All these years of hardwork came to an end last year. It did help me turn into a better person and the things which corporate world teaches you stays with you forever.

So when, I quit my job last year which was definitely not an easy decision. I also lost a part of my individuality, my confidence, my experience etc. Suddenly people around changed, friend’s became distant, relatives judged and everyone had some opinion about me.

Once you are a mother people feel you should only live for the child. Raising a child is a crucial phase I know but that doesn’t mean you don’t live for yourself and don’t do things that you love.

I now feel much relaxed and thoughtful about the slow days that I am living. I also read more, write, cook, colour, do some DIY crafts, keep researching online, go outdoors etc. I do things that makes me feel good and may also give some opportunity in future.

I started to share about my thoughts and experience in form of blogging on this platform where some of you guys just like to scroll down most of the times and like only basis pictures.

Some people literally say they don’t understand blogging and all and some long lost friends connect with me to appreciate my blogging journey.

I respect everyone who’s here to support and help us grow on our journey. I don’t have any plans or assumptions right now. Just going with the flow and taking one day at a time.

As the picture depicts balancing is an art and we both are growing each day together in our life’s.


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