Do you also struggle with your Emotions??

I have been longing to write on this topic.

We are always concerned about the child’s IQ and least bothered about his EQ.

Looking back to days of my childhood, I clearly remember there was no one talking about feelings no teachers, no parents, no relatives.

The type of emotions that a normal person develops due to certain reasons or situations, how to show empathy or why do we become aggressive, how to be kind etc. Result we end up adapting what we see and how people behave with us.

We have always been pushed to do well academically or excel in sports, competitions. I keep pondering about if someone had spoken about feelings and if it was so easy to let people know how you feel life would be so different.

People stress so much on disciplining the child that they forget to see their emotional needs. And slowly the child starts instilling fear of not letting anyone know how does he or she feels.

If the child is behaving according to your moods and orders the child is said to be a good boy/girl. If they start doing something of their choice or if they keep crying they are said to be bad why so???

How do you label kids as good or bad basis their emotional behavior. As adults if the child is not looking happy or not listening to you or not playful it is a matter of concern rather than mocking them for their emotions.

Emotionally broken children grow up to be difficult adults who refuse to change or accept their emotions or let it out aggressively haven’t you guys ever experienced this.

In most of Indian families emotions are least discussed openly and result the children in the family struggle when they grow up.

How I wish if it was so easy and acceptable to let our close one’s know giving a hug or a kiss, showing love, getting upset over things, talking freely about emotions etc.

Going by today’s scenario it’s becoming more difficult when everyone is engrossed into their mobiles and feelings are getting manipulated by replacing materialistic things giving momentary happiness.

All I would like to end up by saying is talk talk and keep talking to your child and now a days there are books on emotions as well. You and your talks will definitely help raise an emotionally secure child.

Don’t let your children get lost in the fear of feeling their emotions and accept them when they open up to you.

At the end it is also forming part of their future personality and would help them deal with their emotions better.


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