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Are you reading to your child?

It’s a matter of fact that everyone is engrossed in today’s so called digital world. Even the small children are smitten by the technology that comes with so many games and creative videos.

So when the whole world is waiting to handover a mobile in your child’s hands. I secretly wish this gadgets could please disappear from my baby’s childhood or at least get delayed as long as possible.

Ufortunately they get so much attracted to the Tv & Mobiles faster than the Food that they eat. My only effort is to at least initiate a reading habit into my child.

I don’t want him to miss the magic of imagination that a story book or any book would provide. He’s been seeing this books since he was 3 months old but only since a month his interest is building up and he tries to reach for books.

To start with I had bought some pre-loved touch and feel books which are great and helping a lot in his vocal skills as well. He shows his excitement and also tries to point things and speak somethings.

It’s never to early or late to start with books and so I make sure to read and make up stories that he can relate with himself. Reading also gives us some quiet and quality time to bond with each other.

Also if we are going out I keep small board book handy to keep him busy and it works. That’s the magic of books if handed over at right time. I hope his interest keeps growing and he starts enjoying stories.

I feel a proper balance between screen time and other activities like books, play, outdoors should be working well in today’s scenario.

Happy Reading!

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