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My First Birthday! Part-1

Since Sharav’s birth we didn’t kept any function nor anything special we could arrange. Also he was too small to understand any such kind of an event.

So we thought why not do something special for his first birthday and also to celebrate first year of our parenting journey. Not a grand affair really just some detailing helped it turn out grand in it’s own way.

You need to set up things as per your baby’s routine in a manner baby is able to enjoy it. So the time of the day when baby is really active and in play mood is the best time.

I made sure to invite people whom Sharav interacted on daily basis and of course the close family members were on my guest list this is important and helps in planning other things as well.

Once you are aware with the number of guests you need to decide on the catering part & place. No other place like home for throwing a party if the number of guests are not many. Also food was outsourced so everyone could enjoy.

Then comes the decor which lifts up everyone’s mood. It has to be eye catchy and attractive for everyone to feel special and give all the party vibes.

First of all you need to observe or try to find which theme would be connecting to your baby’s excitement. Because once their mood is set all is well and everyone enjoys.

We were running short on days so had too buy some stuff for decor from Amazon like happy birthday bunting, 0-12 photo bunting, tassel garland etc.

Balloons decor was outsourced. Very less options were available for decor online other than pink or blue so ended up ordering in blue and so the balloons also had to go with the rest of the decor. Nothing to do with blue for boy’s just ran short on options.

Rest, I tried to make some hand made stuff like Sharav’s Name bunting, ONE no. sign board, first birthday chalkboard, Insta cutout frame, Thank you cards. Return favours were curated according to different age groups and one chocolate batuva (a type of traditional purse) per family.

Some hand made Thank you cards made for his siblings with affirmations on it to make them feel special. And to make his birthday a memorable one.

I knew he is obsessed with balls and this helped me finalize theme for his birthday cake.

Since we didn’t wanted our baby to get tired or exhausted doing all special things on one day so we decided to split into two days.

Luckily one day before his birthday most of them had eid holiday and so we kept a small party on that day seemed perfect for most of the family to attend.

I specifically din’t wanted to light a candle on the cake and so we altered this with aarti tradition where 5 or more elder ladies do aarti of the birthday boy and give him their blessings. This a ritual followed in many cultures and I wish to continue it every year.

If your kid enjoys sitting in the highchair it’s better to decorate it make them sit in it comfortably while cake cutting that makes them feel special.

Since sharav is still small keeping other activities didn’t make sense. A Ball pool seemed perfect to engage him amidst the crowd.

I am glad we could arrange something for him and he totally enjoyed it and wasn’t drained in bargain.

I guess with kids everything well planned in advance works but I also realize it can totally go wrong at times.

At last not to forget to hire a professional photographer to capture all your special moments so that you and your family can enjoy without worrying about the captures.

Our joy doubled with friends and family joining us in our special occasion.

Just wanted to share my experience incase you still in doubt whether to throw first birthday party or no. I hope this blog helps you to plan any such event with the kids in future.

How did he spent his actual birth-day continued in the next blog post.



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