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My First Birthday! Part-2

Our every special occasion calls for some kind of celebration which is incomplete without everyone’s presence including our house helps.

After a small house party yesterday next day that is his actual birth-day was all about doing things that he loved or would bring some good positive vibes to him. I wanted him to be relax and enjoy his day.

On his actual birthday day, we arranged for a pool time for splashing and playing session. After bath we took him to temple to seek blessings and we spent some quiet time there.

We fed the cows in front of the temple. He enjoyed watching them do mum mum (having food). Spend some time watching cows and other birds outside temple.

Also he enjoyed the buttermilk (Chaas) which was provided by the temple’s volunteers for general public .After quenching his thirst with chaas he was charged up again.

Then we visited an asharam for kids to provide them with one time of food without any mention to them about the occasion. Also a service I wish to continue every year on his birthday.

Came back home and took his daily nap and then spent a relaxed afternoon playing and unwrapping his gifts. Again a short nap and then evening when he is most actice we had planned a cake smaash for him at home.

Cake smaash is basically handing over a small spongy cake in front of the baby to smash and ruin it in all the possible cute ways. The first cake of his life may be why not make it a memorable one.

He totally enjoyed smaashing it and putting it all over his body. It was so much fun to watch him do this.

We ordered cake made of Jowar & Ragi flour which is completely safe & yummy for the kids. Of course the rest of the cake can be consumed by others no harm in that.

So it was a win win decision to arrange for cake smaash.

My idea was to make it grand when he understands very little of everything and hopefully from next year to keep it simple with minimum of everything. May be the the cake may not be that grand or the decor would be minimum or may be we spend the day doing something else.

Usually people skip or keep first birthday simple and keep making it large every year. We slightly differed so we went ahead celebrating our first year and will be keeping it more simpler for coming years.

By God’s grace everything fell in place well and we were able to keep a balance between the celebration and doing our bit for the society as well.

Hoping this blog post gives you some idea of how to spend your babies first birthday without making him feel exhaust and enjoyable for everyone. 😊



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