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The Magic of the lost Temple ~by Sudha Murty (Book Review)

I take this opportunity to write down my thoughts on this novel. It’s always a delight to read Sudha Murty Ma’am’s novel.

Each story there is so much to learn and so much detailing on the littlest of things that literally will increase your knowledge as well.

This specific book is all about a city girl Nooni who is twelve year old and is adventurous and loves all kinds of physical activities.

Awaiting for summer vacations this time their family holiday plan was cancelled due to her mother’s six week long training in other city.

This called for concern as where to leave Nooni with whom she would be safe and enjoy her holidays. Her grandparents use to live in a village and due to some reasons they couldn’t come to city and stay for such long weeks.

Hence they suggest to send Nooni to their village and let her be with them. Both the parents thought and agreed to leave Nooni with her grandparents in village.

Slowly Nooni started enjoying her stay in the village and made new friends also learned new things like cycling, planning for picnics, swimming in the river, hiking etc.

She also witnessed how a wedding in a village is so different to that of a city. She started helping her ajji in drying the papads, doing few errands in wedding made her feel involved.

One day her ajji was making arrangements as their cattle in the shed was about to deliver and nooni was patiently waiting when ajji would call her to see the baby. Which is a very rare sight when you live in a busy city.

Nooni was very fond of knowing and learning new things. After the wedding was over Nooni insisted ajji to narrate her a story before sleep.

Ajji narrated an ancient story related to the village’s lost treasure stepwell that consisted of 8 temples and the water in the well was sweet than the nector. But one day it was destroyed due to breaking the rules of the stepwell.

Next day Nooni asks her ajja about the stepwell he also narrated he’s side of the story both where bit different but the stepwell was common and was somewhere near the village. It was lost and just remained as a hearsay story in the village no one knew the truth behind it.

This made Nooni curious and one fine day when she was on her way to a hillside river via the jungle route for a picnic with her friend’s she stumbled upon something.

What did they do next after finding there’s something else in between the jungle.

Wait are you getting curious? How interesting it would be to read the whole story in detail.

Overall, a good read which throws light on some lessons no summer camps can teach kids and that life needs to be lived grounded no matter where you live.

I am sure the lessons and experience she gained staying with her grandparents in a village would be with her for lifetime.

Happy Reading!


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