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Belated Bachelor Party ~by Ravinder Singh (Book Review)

The story is all about friendship and how we choose it unlike our other relations that come to us by default when we were born.

Four friends who had once promised to continue their reunion while bidding farewell to each other on a railway station after completing their engineering.

Are Now planning for an international reunion after decades and years of their marriage realising they never had one bachelor party before anyone got hooked.

As the story moves there are many scenes where you wouldn’t control your laughs for a moment. From their trip planning to implementing stage we all can relate to their behaviour pattern like it was one of our trips with friends.

You can imagine the excitement level on going on a solo trip with friends after marriage. Although the story has some fiction it has been cleverly written to make the readers curious to know what next will be happening.

These four friends are definetly having one hell of reunion with all sorts of adventures and misadventures happening with them. Also some of the social issues have been touched in the conversations which again is relatable and convincing at point.

After going through all kinds of emotions and drama on this reunion their friendship prevailed.

It was refreshing to read something so interesting about friends that I actually missed being on a holiday with my friend’s.

I still remember how ZNMD had made all youngsters crazy about bachelor trips before they got hooked and now hoping this belated bachelor party is going to pump up all the married ones to plan one soon.

To sum up totally a worth read on some lazy days when u don’t feel to step out this book would be perfect to indulge in laughter with one hell of a belated bachelor party.

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