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Toddler hood making it’s way!

Looking back to days, I realised my little boy is not that little anymore. Entering into toddler hood definetly changes the entire perspective of not looking at them as just babies anymore.

As per my observation, I feel babies sense’s develop rapidly and they start thinking a lot, listen to you, try to show you their needs, act as you say or teach, try to do it themselves, observe their surroundings, explore every new object etc.

Generally babies give signs in some way that you know it’s time to change their some habits or routine. You will know only when you observe and address their needs as per their way.

Few habit changes we are recently undergoing –

🖍️ To give up on spoon-feeding water or milk and adapting to glass drinking and few self feeding food options.

🖍️ Introducing all kinds of food basically whatever cooks at home except junk.

🖍️ Limited use of diapers only during long sleep hours mostly at night and while going outdoors.

🖍️ I never felt the need to make him wear shoes or sandal until he started walking and now that he walks slowly adapting to sandals & shoes.

🖍️ Accepting the fact he is teething badly sometimes it’s ok if he’s on liquid foods and bf unless any signs of physical weakness.

🖍️ We do allow some screen time and music to him as he happily recognizes rhymes, some bollywood songs and tries to dance in his own cute ways that also covers an overall physical body movement.

🖍️ Allowing him to walk as much he wants during the day indoors and outdoors only to build his confidence.

🖍️ Allowing him to express his emotions and even dealing with few tiny tantrums that have started showing up.

With every growing year comes new challenges and new developments as well. Both need to be catered in order to strike a balance in their over all growth.

I know these small changes will help build foundation of many other habits on our way.



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