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Let’s share food Mumma!

First they stare at your food slowly they will try to snatch your food and finally will be sharing the same food with you.

I am sure this is the most common trait how babies develop love or interest for food. All they want to do is self feed and eat what you are eating it’s that simple.

But what most of us do is keep giving them baby foods and certainly they are bored eating that kind of food for few months.

They are growing and developing every day and so is their hunger is also growing and for that they need proper nutritional meal that we adults have in our day.

Our aim should be to train the baby in having all kinds of food with different taste, textures, spices and colours. This will not only allow him to develop his own interest in having food but also will fulfill all his growing needs.

So next time your baby shows interest in having any food that you having don’t hesitate to share because ultimately you will be proud once your baby starts having normal food with you.

And the best part is you won’t have to worry about your toddler meals when you are traveling because you share the same food with your kid.

Although until the baby is teething there might be chances of refusing food or loss of appetite but it’s temporary and you should keep trying to help them self feed themselves.

So let them stare, snatch and share food with you.



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