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The how and why of investing in a toy organiser.

How cool does it sound for moms to get some peace of mind or mee time while their lo is busy playing in his/her own space.

By age of one the child would have already acquired many toys and books which needs a home or say a proper place so it is easily accessible to the toddler.

Often we feel why the child doesn’t play happily inspite of having so many toys. Usually what we tend to do is pile up toys and the child feels difficult or will play once twice and then will not touch it again.

Now why does this happen because child doesn’t have his own space to play or everytime he needs to ask for his toys which makes it difficult. These factors acts as barrier between the toys and the child’s interest in play.

I can understand in mumbai most of us face place constraints at home and it becomes difficult to make space for baby’s growing needs of clothes, toys and books.

Believe me this rack won’t take much of your space and would give you some peace of mind while the child gets busy exploring his own toys.

When Sharav turned one everyone asked me what things I need for him so that they can gift it and he shall enjoy them.I had not thought of any specific things but started researching.

I felt he already has so many toys it’s time we should put it in a way that he enjoys his play space.That’s when I felt the need to create a play space for him where he can play, read and spend his most of the time.

Still working on things so only writing about the toy organizer.

There were many options like only toy organizer, only book racks but personally I loved the combination of both which is perfect for toddler’s age. Also it’s for a longtime use so it made sense to invest.

That’s when I came across this amazing thing which has given his toys a new home and we love the way his toys and books are in display inviting him to play and read every time.

Benefits of toy organizer & book rack:

👉 Attractive for toddlers inviting them to play.

👉 Easily accessible to choose toys and books.

👉 Allows to segregate toys.

👉 Opportunity for toy rotations.

👉 Inculcates the habit of putting things back in it’s place.

👉 Seeing books in display will make them curious to pick books on their own to read.

👉 Wooden support on the sides of the rack making it more sturdy.

Maintainence of the toy rack:

👉 Has different baskets/tubs for easy cleaning.

👉 The rack can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.

👉 Can be dismantled easily anytime.

Sharing the details of the toy organizer below:


Toy Organizer & Book Rack

Homesmiths Toy Organizer with Book Rack Brown Board (Amazon affiliate link)

Note: This is a non-sponsored blog because I just loved this thing hence sharing my experience with you guys. Hope you find this information useful.

Details of our toys & books will be continued in upcoming post.

Happy Playing!


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