****** Being Just Us ******

While we had a lovely sunday evening spent with our close family we also managed to get a decent click of just the two of us.

May be in the last two years our outings may have become occasional and party nights have been a long lost thing now.

We have done and dusted with most of the crazy things together before we became parents. Although some adventure’s stay pending.

Not that we regret any of those but we are loving this slow pace calm lifestyle. First year of parenting does take a toll and you may end up longing for those cheesy couple moments.

But just when you have so many people around and a moving toddler why not get clicked. Not to forget happy parents raise happy kids.

I feel getting engrossed in parenting is too main stream you need to upgrade your love for your partner infront of kids how would they know what love is.

That’s when we stealed one sec from parenthood and freezed the moment with being just us.



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