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The Joy of Breastfeeding!

World Breastfeeding Week!🤱

1st – 7th August is celebrated as world breastfeeding week to create awareness and encourage new mother’s to breastfeed. Not to belittle mom’s who don’t but to emphasize on the breast milk importance.

Sharing my brief experience on breastfeeding and what kept me going.

Before delivering, I had watched few videos on breastfeeding but when the reality struck you need the courage to build the confidence of owning up this huge responsibility and able to do justice to the baby.

I still remember when my hands shaked first time to latch my tiny baby. Suddenly, I felt so much responsible for providing the best nutrition to my child.

While in the hospital, I thank the lactation consultant who guided me and cleared few myths of breastfeeding the baby. Since then it took few tries and practice to latch properly which is so important for the baby.

Only in few days, I was breastfeeding confidently and was firm on not giving any formula until I felt the need.

I use to keep a track on my baby’s pee in a day and potty in every 2-3 days which means the baby is feeding properly. His weight gain was also consistent every month which again used to boost my confidence.

When I use to get exhausted or tired i could only remember her words to lift myself up again and keep doing what is best for my child.

There were times when it use to hurt and it still does at times while nursing but even that is bearable in front of my child’s hunger and comfort.

The only way he can soothe himself with a growth spurt or any discomfort otherwise.

Listing down few points which kept me going:

🤱 Proper Latching is very important to fulfil baby’s hunger.

🤱 Don’t wait for the milk to come start latching only then the body shall know to produce milk.

🤱Breast milk is the only best source of nutrition for your baby.

🤱 Breastfeeding is beneficial for both mother and the child nothing can replace it’s value.

🤱 Breast milk helps in building strong immunity for the baby.

🤱 Eat healthy food and stay away from any acidic items.

🤱 Exclusively breastfeed for first 6months, World health organization recommends minimum 2years of Breastfeeding.

There are many more benefits which can be easily googled if you need more motivation.

Also, I have seen many mom’s give up saying baby is not able to suck or the milk is not enough. Sometimes what happens is baby is not getting the hind milk which has all the nutrients and ends up sucking foremilk which is mostly water.

In this case baby feels hungry soon and people feel the milk is not enough this is a myth.

Let me clear this if baby is not able to suck properly means there is latching issue for which you need to consult lactation consultant for guidance.

I am not against bottle feed every mother shall give best nutrition to her child. But it’s only a matter of dedication and working on breastfeeding to make it a success.

My son is 14 months old now, I feel so grateful and blessed for both of us coming so far in breastfeeding journey and wish to continue it for a while.

This indeed gives me pure happiness for providing my child with his life’s precious gift – breast milk.

Happy latching!


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