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*** Mirror Mirror on the wall ***

Monday Motivation!

This is my first mirror selfie after I don’t know how long but yes I can see myself happy. Happy for working on my body, my mind, my happiness, my sanity and for over all things around.

Becoming a mother was surely an overwhelming part of my life with all the highs and lows that came along. From feeling completely lost into postpartum phase to bouncing back to my happy self it’s been an unforgettable journey.

The dark side of the days when I had not seen the mirror and my hair were not combed for days because mom life caught up with added mental stress of doing everything on your own.

Above all these, I was not feeling happy looking at myself with a hanging belly and bulgy muscles that gained post delivery because shit I just lost myself behind who will find me again???

Six months postpartum it hit me up hard to think and I decided to take charge and work on all of my weak and dull areas of life that pulled me down. Because Ultimately my energies were passing to my child.

Few things that helped me gain my happiness and sanity back:-

👉Started asking for help without guilt.
👉Clean eating helped pull off those extra weight.
👉Being more active in house chores.
👉Attend social gatherings and meeting people.
👉Walking whenever possible.
👉Playing and laughing more with my child.
👉Diverting negative thoughts by doing things I liked cooking, reading, colouring, music etc.
👉 Make-up & Dress – up instantly lifts your confidence.
👉 Blogging can’t thank enough for this beautiful platform.

If you are stuck anywhere in between being a new mom and feeling those postpartum blues hope you find the motivation to find yourself again. No one can help you get back to yourself unless you start working towards it.


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