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***** Value Addition during Festivals *****

Ganpati Bappa Morya…
Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar yaa !🙏

By his presence our heart’s are filled with joy and happiness. A different energy is created during his arrival and after doing his seva there comes a day to bid adieu to our most loved Bappa.

The feeling is mixed with emotions of both happy and sad. This festival teaches lot of values that we should inculcate in our daily lives.

Lot of new changes happened this year with so many kids in house. Kids loved playing small Dhol and Manjeera during the aarti. We had fun interactions about the festival.

On that note we also need to pass on the right information to next gen kids about the festivals. This year there was some value addition for everyone.

One evening we had arranged an activity session for kids about the Ganesh festival including quiz, art and craft, colouring, impromptu games etc.

I can’t express how grateful I feel that kids totally enjoyed doing all the activities. For their patience and efforts they were also given token of gifts at the end.

Also everyone including adults and kids played Ganesha Housie with the 108 names of ganpati. How cool was that by the end everyone could tell at least 10-15 names easily. My purpose for this year’s festival was served with everyone’s co-operation in the family.

Going the eco-friendly way we have switched to Maati (Sand) idol from last 4yrs and also the visarjan is done in the near by pond.

The decorations and lights are always re-used and the waste generated is also collected and dump in the nirmal kalash before the visarjan.

This time we were into the 15th year of bringing the Ganesha idol at home and it had to be special. The extra spark was added by the Puneri Dhol Tasha Pathak who joined us for the Visarjan.

Extending a big thank you to everyone who became part of our celebrations. Unforgettable memories have been created to cherish.



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