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****** Feed their Development Needs ******

Since last few days, I am more focused on my toddler’s discoveries and growing interest in the littlest of things around.

Being a millennial mom observing my child’s growing need is always a priority. I believe in providing a holistic environment for his overall developments.

It’s always the weird things that fascinate kids inspite of so many toys around. But you will always find them playing with utensils, cardboard boxes, broom, switches etc.

There’s a reason to everything that they do you can’t just force them to play with toys whole day. So when, I found sharav was playing with the switches and it could not be safe all the time.

I understood his urge to press, see the lights getting on and off and playing with them gave him different level of joy.

So I had to come with an alternate solution and luckily I found this battery operated lights which are completely safe and fun to play above all fulfilling his urge to play with lights.

Also there are so many things he does around the house whole day with cloths, broom, stools, utensils, chairs and his discoveries never seem to end.

Sometimes randomly I find out things he knows without even teaching or showing but I forget his brain runs faster than mine at this stage to imitate and grasp about things & people in the surrounding.

These small observations and solutions help them develop their curious souls without denial of doing things purposely.

Let me know in comments if you have also done any similar thing to feed your kids development needs.


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