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***** Involved Parenting *****

Times have changed and I can already sense an involved father for my child. Gone are times when our dad’s were rarely aware of our where about or school academics.

It always used to be a mom’s responsibility to look after the kids needs and wants. Dad’s were considered only as a financial provider for the family.

So the other day when we headed out to an outing my husband keenly asked me about when do we need to start looking for a playschool. And I was not surprised because from start he’s been an involved father.

It’s only when we start getting them involve and trust them they start understanding things that are an integral part of parenting. Taking joint decision right from diaper’s to discussing school’s we have grown in this journey together.

We believe sharing little duties in parenting is what makes things smooth for both of us. There’s always some difference of opinions but it’s only when the best decisions are made.

Also it helps reduce any parenting guilt among both of us. Because it’s taken care by either of the parent for the time being. Be it long working hours, playing in midnight, not able to go out, experimenting with new foods, potty accident’s, finding ways to keep a toddler busy etc. and a lot more.

Dad’s equally enjoy parenting rather baby sitting so share the load, let them learn few things and enjoy this journey together. It’s never too late to start it together. 😊 ✨


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