Toddler Things

***Some tips on engaging a sick child ***

Our recent encounter with HFM is taking long to cure and get him back to normal routine.

I mean everything has taken a toll from his loss of appetite to rejecting foods. Changed sleep timings, caught with cough and cold.

With my past experience, I am sharing few tips what works for me when my child is sick.

🌼 Until he’s playful and active I don’t fear of his illness much and let the meds do it’s work. But also at the same time you can do home remedies.

🌼 It’s bound to happen that when a child is sick the mother feels the guilt more than anyone. So you need to be more careful and strong in front of him.

🌼 It’s like what a mother feels the energy gets transfer’s to the child. So if I would also take tension and become restless even my child will not feel like playing and will keep hanging on to me.

🌼 So the best thing I do is keep him busy with toys, books, with other siblings or if nothing works then screen time. Also you can take a small walk outside or on terrace get some fresh air.

🌼 Children usually don’t feel like eating or chewing anything when they are sick. You can observe and make list of their comfort foods that they easily have in sickness.

🌼 Also if the child is taking Bf it is completely fine as it contains antibodies which help them recover faster and is also providing necessary nutrients to the baby.

🌼 You can find out different ways of feeding your baby with diverting or engaging them with something but please don’t force feed your child.

🌼 You need to observe your child’s behavior pattern and act accordingly. For ex. If he’s taking his usual naps on time or changed nap timings.

🌼 Let the child ask for food and have on his own this makes a huge difference it’s a win win for both . Food can be in any form snacks, fruits, juice’s, soup etc.

I hope this few tips would be helpful for you and your little one.



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