Toddler Things

***** Visit to A Zoo *****

When you start enjoying things differently is when you become a parent. On this note, I am on a complete exploration mode with my lil boy to experience the different side of such places.

To fuel your child’s imaginations, thoughts and ideas you need to give them holistic experience of every little things that they learn about be it animals, flowers, sand, gardens etc.

Also, since sharav knows few animals I thought it’s time to try the near by zoo and see his response on seeing live animals.

Coming to the zoo part how much ever you try to find out on google or on the ticket counter no one is going to tell you that major part is under construction and that not many animals are seen inside.

It’s only when we walked for a few minutes we could see few animals. But no one is to blame because since it’s getting renovate it’s difficult to maintain animals in that condition.

So we are not complaining infact we loved the whole vibe and few spots with greenery and bamboo’s made a good view to capture zoo memories.

Hopefully in coming 1-2years the situation might improve. And we could visit it regularly to meet our zoo buddies. 🐅🐘

Over all we had a great time walking, running, dancing in between, sweating, snacking and lastly clicking pictures.


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