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**** Introductory Post ****

I thought it’s a good time for an introductory post since many new people have joined in here.

Hi guys, I am Konica mom to a 1.5yr toddler boy. I love sharing all things that motherhood brings along. You will find post regards to Toddler food, Adult food, Toddler developments, Toys, Activities, Breastfeeding and my general parenting experience.

About my past experience had a decent career graph into corporate space until motherhood happened and changed my perspective of life.

So it wasn’t easy but now I have accepted the fact my baby is my priority at this point of my life. It’s only a matter of time things won’t remain the same.

Since, I love spending time with kids and specially after my baby it has given me new direction to increase my knowledge in this field. I blog to explore and connect with like-minded people on this platform.

I try and keep things real and genuine and so you won’t find any high definition photos and content on my feed. Because most of them are captured on my phone and won’t be perfect Instagram pictures but filters help sometimes.

That’s what a real motherhood is capturing the real moments and documenting it as a sweet memory.

On Personal front, I love trying out all that’s creative in nature from drawing, colouring, cooking, dancing, travelling etc. Love doing basic make-up and a honest Saree enthusiast.

Practising clean eating and want to make it a permanent part of my lifestyle. Also been a marathoner for consecutive 4yrs hope to bring that energy back.

Although my major work exp was into banking sector. I am also qualified into Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). I never took it seriously but that is helping me a lot with understanding my child’s developmental needs and work on my parenting style.

That’s all for now let’s connect and communicate more on this journey together.



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