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*** January 2020 ***

Hey everyone it’s been really long we have been missing from our Blog. Hope you all are doing great. However kept sharing few stories as and when possible to stay connected.

Coming to blogging it was really confusing for me  to continue or not because we were busy adapting new life events. Mommy & Me class, Self- feeding, Weaning off Bf, Few Vaccines, Second time tonsure, reducing screen time.

Talking about mommy & me class sharav has still not settled with seeing new people around. We are working on it though hopefully he starts enjoying it soon.

Self – Feeding is what I encourage him to do so that he is fully engrossed into the food while having it and knows what’s he eating. Also develops his likes & taste for food. Most of the times he self feeds but obviously I need to be with him to guide him which consumes my patience and time both.

It’s been almost 15days that he’s been completely weaned off for the day feeds which is such an achievement in itself. Though my major challenge still remains of weaning him of night feeds which I am sure in sometime that too shall be achieved.

Second time tonsure was a slightly confusing decision and so we let his hair grew a little and finally after two months we did tonsured him again just for the sake so until he starts his school with proper hair growth in place.

All of you know how addictive screen is for kids or rather anyone including me. But still I try my best to engross him with toys and books but at the end he starts asking for his choice of videos. And I feel all of my efforts go waste in front of the screen. It’s becoming such a vulnerable thing to deal with kids as a parent. (Work in progress always)

Also January consumed a lot of my time with the pending paper works which had been delayed for long. And finally getting all that done except a one or two docs.

Hope you had a fantastic first month of the year.


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