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*** Our Current Favourite Books ***

Sharing some of our current favourite books that Sharav loves to read. Complied a list of 6 books for now which covers wide variety of concepts.

1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? By Eric Carle (A Lift a flap book) : Since sharav is learning colours now a days this book seems to be perfect companion for him to recognize colours. Lift a flap books always engage kids along so it’s a great way to spend time with books.

2. Let’s Clean Up by Parents Magazine : This is a Pre – loved book with pull the sides on each page. Again an interesting topic for toddlers to adapt and what better way then books.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle : Famous by it’s name this book highlights on the concept of numbers, foods, birth to growth, days. It’s simply awesome how many concepts it covers in one story.

4. Dum Dum Dho by Tulika Books : Book full of unusual Rhymes and Rhythms with beautiful illustrations. We love singing rhymes and doing the picture talks.

5. Stories for 1year Olds by Mandy Archer : Covers Six interesting stories on animals. All the stories are simple and few catchy words are bigger and bold makes it easier for kids to sight them. Again good illustrations good for picture talks.

6. P for Potty by Sesame Street : Our latest addition from Amazon. Such an important topic if you wanna start them on potty training. So we are in no hurry but the book is a lift a flap and slowly consciously will instill the potty habit in the toddler. Hopefully making them aware of their potty business.

Will come up with more books in my later posts till then stay hooked.


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