Toddler Activities

*** Travelling with a Toddler ***

Last week due to a family news we had to travel suddenly for a day to meet them. And I thought it was a great time to introduce him to distant family members whom he had barely met.

Though, it was for a day sans daddy but with other family around it went smooth. I must say he never fails to surprise me in his unusual ways. New place new people nothing seemed new for him and he settled there so quickly.

Also we went to meet fellow relatives around and he enjoyed everywhere thoroughly playing, eating, wandering places. No doubt he slept in afternoon at a stretch of four hours straight.

Evening again we had to board the train for Mumbai. So we reached the station early and as usual train was half an hour late. We spent time exploring the railway station watching other trains, clicking photos, having fun with whatever available.

After boarding the train we had food, played with some animal flashcards, made friends with other kids played with them for a while. Being tired by now off he slept again before me expecting this one was a real shocker.

Things, I kept handy while travelling with a toddler –
 – Diapers
 – Change of clothes
 – Some snacks
 – Water bottle
 – Few regular Medicines
 – Wipes
 – Mosquito Roll on
 – Moisturizer

Coming to Food preference he has almost what we have so that was not much of concern for me. Still had kept few snacks & Ladoos handy in case of urgency.

Although this was the shortest trip with him. I believe it was a good experience a confidence booster for me and him as well.

Let me know how do you plan your trips with toddlers & kids around.

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