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*** Curatio Event Diaries ***

On 29th Feb 2020, that one extra day of the year well spent. Attended another meaningful event by @curatiohealthcare in association with @mybabychakra.

It’s not the regular baby skin care brand that you will see easily marketed on all platforms. The experts like pediatricians recommends @curatiohealthcare products according to the skin conditions.

I am sure many of us mom’s would have once gone to the doctor complaining about baby’s dry skin, cradle crepe, diaper rashes etc. It’s when doctor’s prescribe such products due to expertise¬†research done behind this products.

The event started with debate between different teams with various topics related to how we decide what’s best for our kids.

An excellent talented panel was set up to give their perspectives on shift in decision making process with skincare products for babies. Also they patiently answered all the queries from the audience.

All the precautions and measures taken while manufacturing baby skin care products were shared. The different certifications required for adding fragrance, amount of chemicals etc . Such minute details were also shared.

Do you know what is the minimum pH level required to maintain the moisture level in baby skincare products? It’s 5.5 so next time you pick up any product check for pH levels of the soap or body wash for your kids.

A special pH demonstrating camp was set up to see the difference for ourselves. It was such a meaningful event gained so much knowledge from the expert panel that I literally took notes.

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