***  Is Our Future Fading??? ***

I can hear this question echoing in my ears when my kid will ask me is our future fading???

We often forget there is only one planet for us called Earth. The nature has immense power to give in abundance and also to take back in a seconds.

With WHO declaring pandemic situation due to corona and also due to climate changes happening world-wide. We become answerable to our kids their lives, their future, the difficulties and the kind of life they gonna live.

Although he is at an age where he hardly understands climate, world, diseases like things. But I am sure it would have been difficult to explain him why the corona is so scary, how and why we need to be precautious.

Children being children they owe every answer and the kind of world we gonna leave for them to survive is sadly unimaginable. It’s just alarming in few years how are we going to justify these situations to our kids.

Although adapting sustainability in our lifestyle is another level of societal change which challenges age old ways of living. All these situations are only degrading the standard of life that we are currently living.

Everyone is stranded with the current scenario cancelling their travels, shutting down of schools and public events, market falls, it’s like world meltdown happening right now.

Let’s just pray and hope these #corona phase ends soon. Everyone around take care and be safe. Praying the one’s caught with Covid-19 shall get well soon. Help the one’s who need you and together we can face it stronger.

Love & Peace

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