Toddler Activities

*** Toddler Engaging Activities ***

Home quarantined or no listing few of easy peasy activities for toddlers. Earlier sharav use to only listen and understand things. But now that he is 21months, I feel he can pretty much carry out the instructions given.

So from last few days, I have been doing some or the other engaging activities with him daily. These also helps in reduce screen time and more working on the necessary skill developments.

We usually go with the flow of our day and do activities accordingly. It’s ok if someday we didn’t able to do any of them everyday is different.

Easy Engaging Activities :-

🪀 Pom – Poms – You can do tons of activities with pom – poms. Right now we focusing on colours, sorting, transferring, ice-tray filling etc.

🪀 Popsicle Sticks – You can stick Valcro dots and make as many patterns with sticks. Helps in making different shapes, colour recognition, Sorting and make some craft out of it.

🪀 Beading – Use any big size beads and give them some thick thread or pipe cleaners to bead. Very engaging activity helps in hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and also cognitive development.

🪀 Painting – Messy Finger/brush painting let them do their way and explore the colours. Also you can use sponge dabs, cotton swabs, roll on brushes with different shapes to keep them engaged.

🪀 Open – Ended Toys – Rainbow Stackers, Normal Stacking cubes, Ring Stacker allows them to imagine and build formations their way boosting their self confidence.

🪀 Blocks – Mega Blocks are ideal for toddlers 1-3yrs. Keep them engaged and again allows freedom to create, imagine and make their own creations. Also while making you may hear them self talk or say some stories.

🪀 Shapes Sorter – You get many ready shape sorters or can also make one with some card papers and make it more exciting. Keep real objects to help them recognise their shapes.

🪀 Water Play – You can fill an inflated pool and throw some sea creature figurines in it and food colour for making it more exciting. Allow them to explore and keep talking about all things related to sea.

🪀 Rhymes Role Play / Story Telling – You can use animal, birds Figurines and set up a small role play for them and either sing rhymes or say a story upto you.

🪀 Quiet Books – These are felt books/boards with silent activities like zipping, buckling, valcro sticking, buttoning, folding, lacing etc. Enough to keep your curious toddler busy.

🪀 Sensory Play – Anything from your kitchen can act as a Sensory Play for them. Flour mixing, Coloured rice/Pasta, Pulses, grains, hot & cold items etc.

🪀 Free Play/ Self Play – This is the time they sit and play on their own without any interference from us. This mess is worth your sanity so let them do what they want.

These are just a few of them but remember to do activities with fun and not stress on doing it always right. They might not be exciting in first time with repeatitions they start enjoy doing it.



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