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*** Indulge In Nostalgia ***

Since now that we have all the time to do things staying home why not feel Nostalgia about the memories that we ever wanted to look back one day.

We never wanted a full fledged Physical Photo Album Printed for our wedding or other functions. But when we happened to travelled 3 Countries – Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand after wedding, I thought to preserve those memories.

The creative bug inside me wanted to recreate those memories with fun-filled things. I like to call it our ‘Memory Book’ of all the places we travelled and all the fun we had are documented in form of Pictures, tickets, wrist bands, cards that were part of our trip.

I still remember how Three Years back, I use to come back from office and sit late nights to make this memory book to gift on our First anniversary but that never happened.

Never mind but today, I happened to open my bed storage which reminded me of this Hand – made Album. I pulled out this gaint memory books (yes because one wasn’t enough) to indulge in those memories again.

Unfortunately due to corona we had to cancel our first well planned trip with our toddler. Now that travelling is a far dream again also added to the reason to feel more nostalgia about previous trips.

Today asked Mr. Husband to spend 10mins with me to look at our memories and it was totally fun reliving them. Not just he appreciated my efforts he was proudly showing it off to others as well.

Let us know how are you indulging in nostalgia being quarantined.


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