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*** Underrated Toddler Milestones ***

Let’s talk about some real milestones that actually make us happy and content when achieved by our little one’s.

I personally feel after the first year its been an enjoyable year for us with lots of new learnings.

We always focus on the standard milestones that our kids achieve. Recently seeing a lot of change in my toddler’s behaviour. I felt to acknowledge some of his underrated milestones as well.

️ Basic Hygiene – We have a daily routine of Brush & Bath twice a day. As most of the times he is diaper free in the day so whenever he pees he removes his undies and gets it cleaned immediately. Now he is habitual to hand wash before and after having food, after coming from outside.

️ Eat on their own – Self – feeding encouraged to recognise him his hunger and when he see’s anyone munching on some food he asks for it too. He names certain food items that he has on daily basis. Asks for drinking water and also drinks on his own.

️ Pee & Potty – I feel if your child is able to self realise his/her pee or poop and clearly informs you about that you’re half way to potty training. I mean now all I have to do is just make him habitual of doing it in it’s right place.

️ Expressions – Since he talks a lot and does try to express his needs like if he’s hungry, wanna go out, play something or read a book. Also at times, I ask him what he wants to do this allows him to decide for himself. 

️ Self Grooming – All that needs to make them look decent enough. Major things being clothing sense & footwear

️ Clothing Sense – Off lately what he does is removes his clothes on own & tries to wear them again. Quiet an activity in itself for eye hand co-ordination, Gross motor skills etc. This helps them recognise their clothing pattern. I just let him do it soley to boost his independence.

️ Choose their footwear – Fascinated with his crocs he learnt to wear them on his own while playing with it. This helps them build an independent habit and when to wear them they figure out everything with their choices.

️ Doing Chores – Small chores that I keep giving him is to put away his clothes in his laundry basket, put toys back, bring few things from somewhere, put the chocolate wrappers/or any garbage in the dustbin. All of these he does without hesitation also one more step towards being self dependent.

These were few of the things, I felt are also playing an important part of his growing personality which is making him self reliant to decide for himself.


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