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*** Our Lockdown Story ***

Not everyday we create moments like these,
A random evening turns into a sunset date.

A time so threatening yet appreciative,
When going outdoors is so restrictive.

Everyone lockdown in their own homes for days,
Getting all sorts of panic and anxiety attacks.

It’s not easy to keep calm all day with kid’s,
It’s okay to loose it out & just hug them tight.

Your Mil will not be happy with you everyday,
It’s okay for both of you to have some space.

Everyday is not lovey dovey with Mr. Husband,
It’s okay to fight out & make up on small things.

Indoors became our new favourite place,
When Hygiene became our utmost priority.

Discovering new skills, activities & receipes,
Staying home never felt this warm before.

Even we love doing the saddest chores by now,
Everyone has adapted to the changes so well.

Kid’s are like a blessing in our disguise,
Our source of entertainment all day long.

Elders are being more careful then before,
Families are bonding closer to each other.

Being online has become the new cool thing,
A space for all games, meetings, calls & videos.

Binge watching series are go to stress busters,
Creating an art, baking, yoga keeps you sane.

People are getting use to work from home scenario,
Multi Managing skills are being brushed upon.

Kid’s are either home schooling or Online schooling,
Off lately teacher’s have been valued more now.

Nature the ecosystem is not healing itself alone,
It needs a change from all of us in our lifestyles too.

This new normal is here to stay a little longer,
Until we all learn to be grateful for every little thing.

Empower your resilience ability to the fullest,
Let’s come out of this phase stronger & wiser.


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