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*** Plant A Seed Activity ***

Yesterday was Earth Day since this year the nature itself is healing with less of human interference. It also made me think in what ways we could contribute to our one and only planet.

From quiet sometime planting has my attention and I want to learn more on planting and now it’s my dream to set up a space with various plants.

Today it was our first of it’s kind small activity of sowing seeds showing our gratitude towards Planet Earth.

We had got this small planting kit from hamleys on Christmas. Now that sharav has grown up a little and understands my instructions.

I thought of involving him with me for this fun activity. Throughout the process he was engrossed and was enjoying every bit.

For now we have sowed the seeds and kept in sun. After 10-12 days of watering we might get to see some small leafs and later some flowers.

Seeing his patience and curiousity we are definitely gonna do this some more with time.

Happy Earth Day Everyday!


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