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*** Being Thirty-licious ***

Another year another day
but oh so different,
My dream vacay stays
stand still and ignorant.

Today was not supposed
to be celebrated this way,
It was indeed a beautiful
place planned for this day.

It doesn’t make me
unhappy a bit for today,
Rather, I feel safe to be
home for my special day.

My only wish for this year
Hoping to see the world heal,
Someday all this shall end
The day we can happily cheer.

Always an average receiver
at all ends to fall apart,
Makes me a graceful giver
by all means with full of heart.

Embracing all the bits of
my life like a puzzle,
Simply encourages me
to face any kind of struggle.

Life has been great
through all three decades,
Trying to reminisce each
memory that slowly fades.

Grateful for my journey
until now this moment,
To all those stuck by me
as a solid commitment.

Claiming my day with
my loved ones around,
Each of your wishes
today has left me astound.

Just another normal
day adding it’s spark,
Quarantine celebration
is leaving it’s mark.

Saying bye bye to my
sweet & sour twenties,
It’s time to walk with
glory into my thirtees.

Happy Thirty-licious to me.
🥂Cheers !

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