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*** The Story of Ignored Emotions ***

Let me tell you a story of few ignored emotions,
Usually not talked about due to society notions.

It doesn’t feel good and makes you vulnerable,
Not many seek help makes them feel miserable.

It makes you feel like lost, crying & withdrawing,
Nothing in your control while you’re overthinking.

It’s the pressure to feel normal and not let it out,
Gets you into the worse situation when in doubt.

Looks like Motherhood Journey is overwhelming,
When you get lost into Post Partrum Depression.

It affects all your emotions during mothering,
Takes awake your sanity while you’re suffering.

Soon there’s a jumble of emotions rushed,
All your excitement and joy seems crushed.

Not every mom needs your expert tips & advices,
Think twice before you judge her sacrifices.

At times voicing your opinions are taken wrong,
It’s only then you realise to be more headstrong.

It takes lot of courage to identify your emotions,
Acknowledging it is the first step to recover.

The fight is within your own thoughts & emotion,
Navigate, ask help and find your own solution.

Share it with someone close or professional,
To seek help and loving yourself is impeccable.

After being there, I knew it was time to be resilient,
All my efforts in gaining my sanity were persistent.

That’s how my mind, body confidence & sanity restored,
Claim your time off to start again fresh like before.  

Healing is a process with it’s own set of lessons,
Embrace your journey with bitter sweet essence.

Remember you are not alone in this distress,
Breakthrough your emotions in this process.

~ Konica

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