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*** Stick / Pull the Balls ***

#littleborntales_activities 1

This is a very simple and engaging activity.

Materials :-

1. Cello Tape
2. Plastic Balls

Take a cello Tape and tape it outwards facing and stick few balls on it. It can also be set up as an invitation play or birthday surprise fun.

Let the child interpret and you just watch how they react to the invitation set ups. Soon they will start innovating their own kind of plays with it.

So I did the set up on his swing and one I did on my cupboard. He enjoyed both sticking & pulling the balls. It can easily keep the child engaged for 30mins.

Since sharav is very obsessed with balls this activity was a full hit with him. Similarly you can stick the Tape between the doors, on your bed railings or any other space where it can be safe for them to play on their own.

This activity can also be done with babies above six months when they start sitting. Stick it to any cardboard or any plastic dabba and give them to explore don’t estimate their grip power.

Hope you liked this fun activity and enjoy doing it with your kids. Do tag us and we will be happy to share on our stories.


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